Lunar Tarot Reading January 2023 ~ Full Moon In Cancer

Lunar Tarot Reading January 2023 ~ Full Moon In Cancer

The important thing to note is that the lunation of the moon reflects the sunlight of the current zodiac sign, which at this point in time is Saturn-ruled Capricorn. Capricorn wants us to think about our long term reality ~ Think commitment ~ higher education, property purchases, marriage – but the Full Moon in super intuitive Cancer is asking you to check in with your emotions: forget about what your head says for a moment ~ what is your heart saying?

It is so important to check in with our heart because our heads are filled with thoughts that come from the external (your parents, social media, the news etc) & all the other subtle influences that form how we see the world and our place in it. To add to this, there is a huge societal pressure at work during Capricorn season ~goals are highly orientated around achievement. Capricorn’s energy is all about striving for success and winning at whatever the cost; of course we need goals and direction however, we should make sure that the route we're taking up that mountain is the one we have chosen because it will get us to where we want to go, not someone else's dream destination! ... Otherwise these beautiful intentions & goals could end up just being another failed New Years Resolution!!

So, this is where the Full Moon in Cancer comes perfectly into contrast with Capricorn season. This Moon, allows us to connect back to our inner world & our intuition. Do your goals & intentions align emotionally & truly make your heart sing? If so, give your resolutions the go ahead; if not, it's time to rethink or refine them...

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Tarot Card Reading The World ~ Representing Unity, Success, Belonging, Completion, Growth, Fulfilment

. T H E W O R L D .
The tarot card I've pulled for us as a collective is, 'The World'. We can take the meaning of this card as a supporting message for the upcoming Full Moon in Cancer, Friday 6th January.

The World card in the tarot deck has a dancing figure at the center. The dancing figure on the card has one leg crossed over the other and holds a wand in either hand. She symbolises balance and evolution in movement. The fulfillment and unity that she represents encapsulates the dance of life and the ever-changing, cyclical nature of our worlds (both internal & external).

The green wreath of flowers that surrounds the central figure is a symbol of success, while the red ribbons that wrap around it are reminiscent of infinity. There are four figures on each corner of the card. The four figures represent Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius and Taurus - the four corners of the universe, the four elements, and the four evangelicals. Together, they symbolise the harmony between all of their energies.

To encounter The World in in a card pull is to feel great unity and wholeness. It symbolizes the moment when the inner and the outer worlds - self and other - become a single entity. In some traditions, this state is described as enlightenment, or nirvana. There is a recognition that the individual self is profoundly linked with all other things, and that we all dance and sway along the flow of life to one rhythm. Not only do you hear this rhythm, but you participate in it - following the dips and the rises, the joys and the sorrows. The World card shows that you have a desire to give back to the community in various ways. You have a commitment to make the world a better place because you understand that everything is connected. 

The meaning of the World card is also to represent fulfillment, achievement, and completion. This shows that all the efforts that you have been putting in place are starting to pay off. It reflects that you have completed a major milestone in your life and you have built the resilience to withstand challenges. The World may indicate completion of a long-term project, study or any other major event in your life. It may also mean the birth of a child, marriage, graduation or any other thing that you have accomplished.

The World is also associated with Saturn, "the taskmaster of the zodiac, the same as Capricorn". Overall it represents hard-won lessons & growth but equally the satisfaction that comes alongside it. The journey may not have been easy to get to where you are now but the implication is that we're about to make it to the other side. This is a new stage of life & you're now wiser and ready for this new phase.

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Themes of 'The World': Unity, Success, Belonging, Completion, Growth, New Beginnings & Fulfilment.

Tarot card reading

Read my main take aways from this reading & astrological energy to inform your journal prompts for the upcoming Full Moon.

1/ This year is about realigning & rebalancing our emotional wellbeing against our personal growth goals and societal pressures.

Are the goals we're pursuing sustainable in terms of your physical & mental wellbeing?

Are they truly what lights you up & brings you joy & fulfilment?

Is the reward worth the slog of the journey?

2/ We need to think about our connection to all things within our place in the world and that small ripples come together to make big waves.

What small gestures or changes can we do or make to create positive impact on someone or something other than ourselves?

3/ We need to check in regularly with our inner world. It's all too easy to be all consumed with the bombardment of the outer world.

What practise(s) can you put in place or work on to bring you back to yourself and connect to your intuition?

4/ There's an overall feeling of completion & the chance for a fresh start using the lessons from all the hard work we've put in over the past year(s).

Remember to sit in and to enjoy the positives in the present.

What do we have to be grateful for now? 

What are the positives that you can take away from the past year & how can we let go a little more and trust in the flow & cycles of the universe?

5/ How you want to feel in 2023?

What can you do more of or incorporate into your life this year to bring a little more of your chosen feeling into this year?

Please feel free to reach out or add you comments below if you have something to add or comment on this reading.

Lot's of love,

Lou xx

Cancer is the only zodiac sign ruled by the Moon, perfect crystals to enhance the energy of the moon & Cancer are Moonstone, Blue Lace AgateChalcedony & Rose Quartz.

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