KIŠH Studio is a contemporary crystal jewellery line for the modern and mindful woman. Consciously hand crafted in house using natural crystals and precious metals, KIŠH Studio pieces are designed to gently remind you to trust your intuition and manifest healing energies into your every day life.

Designer, Lou Rhodes cleverly combines inspiration from ancient worlds with a feminine and modern aesthetic. Each design is available in either Sterling Silver or Gold Filled with various different crystals to be added to the collection mindfully.

At KIŠH Studio we know that crystals can hold and absorb a range of different energies, therefore we ensure the crystals are cleansed with water before they are made up and sent out to you.

We care about the environment and want to reduce our impact wherever we can. To save waste, we hold little stock and most KIŠH Studio pieces are made in house, on a made to order basis.

All packaging is recyclable.

A note from Lou ~

KIŠH Studio is born from a concept that I’ve been holding on to for many years, I've wanted to do this for so long but the regular salary and ingrained call of the hustle always stopped me getting further than just paper.

Prior to starting KIŠH, I worked as a womenswear designer for over a decade. I really loved that job & made some friends for life but the effect it was having on my health was just horrific. My heart was pushed to the limit, literally with panic attacks and anxiety as well as emotionally. 

Making the move from London to the seaside town of Margate in search of a happier and more balanced life was the catalyst for a new path. Then when I became a mother at the beginning of 2019 and the job I was meant to go back to was not waiting for me after maternity leave, I took the opportunity to make space in my thoughts for what truly drives me and makes me happy (or unhappy). 

I realised that if I’m to achieve balance and peace, it needs to be through working on my own project as well as working on myself. 

Crystal healing and spirituality were introduced to me at a young age by my mother and whilst I’ve used crystal energy as a support throughout my adulthood with advice and guidance from her, it is only since starting KIŠH Studio that my own crystal healing practise has begun. I’ve started on a bit of a soul searching and self-healing journey, which this jewellery line is part of. So as I start again on a new path I'm learning (trying) to concentrate less on the what if's and trust the flow of life and the universe.

What I know for sure, is that having a crystal (especially as a piece of jewellery) and knowing the properties is at the very least a talisman or reminder to focus in on the energy or guidance that you need at that point in time or your life.

I hope that through my own learning and the knowledge I gain and share along the way, I can help you with your own journey. I hope that when you wear my jewellery it reminds you to trust yourself and gives you that little nudge to go and get what your soul needs to make you truly happy ♡