Lunar Tarot Reading January 2023 ~ New Moon In Aquarius

Lunar Tarot Reading January 2023 ~ New Moon In Aquarius

Every month we have a new moon which gives us the chance to reflect, reset and set some intentions for the week, month or 6 months ahead. The first new moon of 2023 is at 1 degrees of air sign, Aquarius. Using the characteristics of this sign we can get an indication of the themes to think about and address whilst considering out intentions & ambitions. 

It's also important to take into consideration that having just had Mars, planet of will and Mercury, planet of communication both station direct, we are still in the shadow periods of those retrogrades, This is a time to reflect on what came up for you and stirred your emotions over the past couple of weeks? These are areas we can look into and contemplate on as we look into our Lunar Tarot Reading for the New Moon now that we're rising up and out of the shadowy depths & really getting 2023 started.

The placement of Aquarius in the zodiac wheel represents the importance of the journey of life and using the wisdom gained along the way to inform a feeling of optimism & hope for the future.

[Aquarius has two planetary rulers, structured Saturn and wild out Uranus, imbuing the sign with the spirit of the applied revolutionary. Luminary, activist, prison abolitionist and double Aquarius (sun and moon) Angela Davis reminds us, “You have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world. And you have to do it all the time.” This is an encapsulation of the Aquarius spirit, the constant tending to the impossible and the vigilant dismantling of self-limiting beliefs]. Excerpt from

If you've been feeling a little lethargic and this year has got off to a slow start ~ this new moon is the perfect timing to recalibrate. Aquarius is a sign that represents renewal, progressive thought, individuality & a little rebellion.

Use this time to think outside the box & dream a little bigger!!

Queen of Swords Tarot Pull Representing themes of Wisdom, Wit, Inner Strength, Communication, Independence, Open mindedness, Resilience, New Beginnings. 

Themes of The Queen of Swords:

Wisdom, Wit, Inner~Strength, Communication, Independence, Open mindedness, Resilience, New Beginnings.

The Queen of Swords wears a stern look as she sits high on the throne - looking off into the distance and towards the future. A queen of the air element (like Aquarius) that the swords represents, her place in the clouds shows that no one can trick or fool her. []

The Queen of Swords combines the mental clarity and intellectual power of the suit of Swords with the maturity and receptiveness of the Queen. She has the gift of being able to use her intellect and unbiased judgement while also remaining flexible and open to receive input from other sources. []

Representing an archetype of the wise, older woman, whom although coming across as stern or emotionless, she has learnt from her experience and is willing to step in to advise or protect you when you're feeling vulnerable. She's open minded & able to use her discernment to help you over come any challenges you are facing that are stopping you from moving forwards. The message to take from her is that you need to be objective & look at the facts to inform decision making & not let emotions or sentimentality get the better of you. Concentrate on the objective & don't get distracted by your heart - but lead from your head.

The Queen of Swords can also represent communication with others & being clear & open with the truth. Take care with the way that things are said, but make sure to be direct and totally honest so there is no confusion.


Read my main take aways from this reading & astrological energy to inform your journal prompts for the upcoming Full Moon.

1/ What came up for me in the retrograde period over the last few weeks?

How can I look at this objectively and let go?

2/ Are there people, patterns or situations that seem to repeat themselves in my life?

What is my part to play in this?

How can I do it differently or better?

What boundaries do I need to set?

3/What advise would my future self give to me in the present?

Where am I playing small?

What are my strengths?

How can I improve on what I'm doing?

Where can I praise myself for doing well!?

4/ Aquarians are known to care... to care about the planet and feel a deep sense of fairness & justice.

What do I believe in & stand for?

How can I show support for that, even in the smallest way?

5/ Being your true self

A general message to not hold back, have fun, be upfront, don't be afraid to be weird, follow your dreams, say it like it is & don't sweat the small stuff!

Crystals to wear that represent and remind you of that Aquarian energy: 




Black onyx


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