Lunar Tarot Reading September 2023 ~ New Moon In Virgo

Lunar Tarot Reading September 2023 ~ New Moon In Virgo

Taking place early morning, 02.39 on 15th September 2023 is the New Moon in Virgo. Virgo rules your health, fitness, work, lifestyle & overall wellbeing. Those with Virgo sun signs are also well known for their eye for detail, practicality, organisation, analytics & logic.

At this new moon we can expect to see a focus on our minds, how we make decisions and what action we need to take going forward into this next phase.

New moons are usually the time that we plant the seeds for the next 6 months but with Mercury Retrograde (the planet ruling Virgo) only coming to an end just after the new moon it will benefit us to first of all take some time to be still; take stock and look backwards… this is a time to think about and to decide what we want to change in our lives. Reflect on where have we been holding ourselves back? What mistakes have we been making in an area we thought we’d have made progress? What can we do differently if we want a different outcome?

As we allow space for Mercury to station direct over the next few days, take the time to really feel into this….This new moon can lead to some major break throughs & even epiphanies! Listen to your intuition and not just your head/ ego thoughts, even if it’s not quite making sense to you just yet. 

Once you feel like you have an idea of next steps put off taking action for a little while longer whilst Neptune is in opposition to the sun (this can cause doubt about what you really want and why).

This Virgo new moon is really opening you up to release what’s been weighing you down, bringing you a little luck just when you need it most. You’re reconciling the past, learning from your mistakes and letting go of self-doubt, perfectionism, and self-criticism as you step into your potential. If you let it, this new moon can show you who you could be if you allowed yourself to confidently step up and into your fullest power!

Now is the time ask yourself:

What do you actually WANT to focus on - get clarity/ focused on this.

What do you have to do to get what you want? Write it down, get organised.

Accept and release what’s gone & focus on your next steps forward. Focus your personal power around what you actually can control.

Work on your self worth & value to expand on what you’re building.

Make short terms plans - what would the most empowered version of you focus on for now to get you to the end of 2024?


The Tarot card I have pulled to help you enquire further on this energy is The Knight of Cups, signifying

Creativity . Imagination . idealism . Intuition . Emotions . progress . diplomacy

Lunar tarot Reading for the New moon in Virgo - The knight of Cups

The Knights of the tarot can signify movement. As Cups refer to emotions, the Knight of Cups indicates movement in an area of your life of which has personal importance. For example, this could be love, family, creative pursuits or your spiritual path. Have you felt blocks or stagnation that’s effecting you emotionally? Let this come to the surface & work through it.

This card suggests that you’ll now start to see progress.


Journal Prompts for the New Moon in Virgo

The days around this particular new moon have an energy similar new year ~ think of this time as a chance to get ahead for 2024. Release outdated patterns, behaviours & beliefs & replace them with healthier alternatives. if virgo energy can teach us anything, it’s that in order to manifest the reality & life that we desire, we need to get organised & set out on a clear path of aligned action!

1/ What do you actually want to focus on - getting clarity/ focused around this is important. 

2/ Where are you spending to much energy that is not a priority/ what are you ready to let go of?

3/where have you been holding yourself back? if you’re honest with yourself, is this what’s stopping you progress?

4/ What mistakes have you made in the last 6 months that you can learn from?

Over the next couple of days try to take notice of what feelings come up for you before making any decisions.

Follow your intuition as much as you can.

If you’re feeling stagnant... try thinking about ‘how can I’. rather than ‘should I/ should I not’ - this might help give you the answers.


At the of the month towards October, eclipse season starts…. Expect karmic energy to be shaking things up!

What do you think will come up for you? Use this as a time to get prepared. What have you been sitting on that you won’t be able to delay anymore, change is coming?

Virgo Energy is asking you to get your systems in place  - life mirrors what you’re prepared for - take note, there’s a big difference between being busy & being productive! Ground, Plan, Prepare.


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I hope this reading give you some positive motivation to take some control over the outcomes you desire for the next phase of your life!

Please feel free to reach out or add your comments below if you have something to add or comment on this reading.

Love, Lou x

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