Letter Template for Emails to your MP Regarding Isreal/ Gaza

Dear ___ , 
I am writing to you regarding my concern about the recent shocking events in Israel and Gaza and the stance that has been taken by our Prime Minister & media. It is vital that we promote the important message of respect for international law, and condemn the killing of civilians and collective punishment, both of which are forbidden under international law.
I urge you, our elected Member of Parliament to not only condemn the inhuman and illegal attacks by Hamas on Israeli civilians and the holding of civilian hostages, but to also condemn Israel’s retaliatory attacks, using the force of its powerful military indiscriminately against the trapped Palestinian civilian population with complete disregard for their own hostages.
Britain must call for a ceasefire. 
We must condemn the collective punishment by Israel of the civilian population of Gaza. This is forbidden under international law.


We must also condemn the indiscriminate heavy bombardment of the Gaza Strip, and the cutting off of energy, food, medical and water supplies as well as the internet which amplifies the daily suffering of a trapped population that has already endured extreme hardship through years & years of Israeli blockade & apartheid. The number of casualties is rising as the violence continues, and it is once again civilians paying the price for the failure to end the occupation and the cycle of violence it facilitates. It is utterly unbearable to witness the murder of thousands of innocent children in Palestine; deliberately targeting civilians, carrying out disproportionate attacks, and indiscriminate attacks which kill or injure civilians are war crimes.
The past few weeks thousands of British people have spilled into the streets and showed their solidarity for Palestine and demanding our leaders to call for a ceasefire and to end the genocide. On the 28/10/23 there was a peaceful protest march in central London for Palestine which almost half a million people attended. It is not acceptable that our government abstained from voting for a ceasefire in the UN vote, this is not representative of what the people want. 
As of 29/10/23, Save the Children Org states that children make up more than 40% of the 7703 people killed in Gaza, and more than a third of all fatalities across the occupied Palestinian territory and Israel. With a further 1000 children reported missing in Gaza assumed buried under the rubble, the death toll is likely much higher. The UN states that there are 1.4 million people displaced in Gaza now and nearly 630,000 of those are in UNRWA shelters. Most of the shelters are at least at 2.5 times their capacity.
It is more than disheartening that our leaders and our media have been complicit in the killing of innocent people and the abuse of Human Rights which have been committed by Israel. The international community has failed to hold Israel to account for its decades-long violations of international law. The cycle of violence must stop, Israel’s illegal occupation must end, and the rights of all people must be respected.
All civilians held hostage must be released immediately, unconditionally, and unharmed (on both sides). All those held captive must be treated humanely, in accordance with international law and granted medical treatment.
The root causes of the repeated cycles of violence must be addressed as a matter of urgency. This requires upholding international law and ending Israel’s 16-year-long illegal blockade on Gaza, and all other aspects of Israel’s system of apartheid imposed on all Palestinians.
We cannot let any more innocent lives, especially children be killed. We cannot let this genocide prolong any further ~ it must end. 
I urge you to take action ~ to condemn Israel and no longer support them in their heinous genocide of the Palestinians. 
An immediate ceasefire must be called & I hope you will stand up for the voices you represent.
Yours sincerely,