ARIES | CARNELIAN ~ March 21 to April 19

Aries is the first sign in zodiac so when you think of Aries, it brings connotations of Spring and new beginnings. People born under the sign of Aries are passionate, committed and independent, they love to set goals and manifest their dreams into reality!                        

Carnelian brings out that fiery, creative, energy that wants you to put the wheels in motion; do you need motivation to get to the gym or commit to those goals you set yourself? Then Carnelian is the one to give you that energy or boost of confidence to take that leap of faith, take control and  go and get what you want in life!

Action  Passion  Focus  Commitment  Confidence

Ambition  Creativity 

Chakras ~ Solar Plexus, Sacral & Root

 TAURUS | ROSE QUARTZ ~ April 20 to May 20

Intrinsically linked, both Rose Quartz and those with Taurus sun signs are ruled by the planet Venus, which is the planet most aligned with themes of beauty, love, hedonism, and matters of the heart. However, though Rose Quartz is well known for being the stone of love, it’s better not  to think of it as a crystal purely for attracting ‘the one’. Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love, wear this crystal to open up to all levels of love be it platonic love, relationships, or perhaps most importantly ~ self-love.

For the Taurus, it’s the perfect stone to mellow out that more stubborn side that can sometimes work against your best interests; opening you up to self-compassion and enabling you to go with the flow a little more.

love  compassion  forgiveness  calm 

surrender  support

Chakra ~ Heart

Rose Quartz is also particularly good for also good for Cancer, Libra & Sagittarius, but anyone can benefit from wearing this crystal; so if you feel drawn to it or the properties resonate with you then go for it!

GEMINI | CITRINE ~ May 21 to June 20

The sunshine stone of Citrine represents the cheerful personality of the highly sociable and charismatic Gemini. Citrine acts as a good luck charm, promoting passion, creativity and motivation; focusing on its energy will enable you to draw in all the right people and situations, bringing about those transformations you are looking for.

Citrine is an uplifting crystal  that will  bring a little sunshine into your life. It reminds you not to focus on the negatives or feeling down, but be grateful for what you do have and what brings you happiness. When you feel that positive energy and flow of optimism, you are then able tap into your powers of manifestation much more easily.

With Citrine on your side, you suddenly feel like anything is possible – and it most definitely is!

confidence  new beginnings  abundance  ✧energy

optimism  ✧manifestation   creativity  passion 

Chakra ~ Solar Plexus

Citrine is also particularly good for also good for Aries, Libra & Leo, but anyone can benefit from wearing this crystal; so if you feel drawn to it or the properties resonate with you then go for it!

CANCER | CHALCEDONY ~ June 21 to July 22

Chalcedony is attributed with very similar metaphysical properties as moonstone and Cancer’s ruling planet is the Moon. It is believed that Chalcedony only absorbs positive energy, repels all negativity and dispels bad dreams and nightmares.

Those under the sign of Cancer are gentle and caring and can be known to be a bit of a worrier, Blue Chalcedony is a nurturing stone that can be helpful in making the often apprehensive Cancer feel more secure and optimistic by easing self doubt and bringing their heart and mind into alignment.

Blue Chalcedony is able to focus on specific types of negative energy ,(think silencing those unwanted thoughts from your inner critic) and provide you with a healing and comforting energy that enables you to get to know the real you. This instills a unique sense of self confidence which rejects impulsiveness and enables you to think and take action with careful consideration and a sense of knowing. Because of this Blue Chalcedony is a particularly powerful stone for protecting your wellbeing. Do you feel like you’re about to burn out? When you take the time to consider why or how you interact with others you are able to be more conscious about the decisions you are making. This stone gives you the confidence to know when you’re taking on too much and when to be able to say no.

Emotional balance  ✧sleep creativity  calm

✧communication    optimism  memory 

Chakra ~ Throat & Third Eye 

Chalcedony is also particularly good for Gemini & Sagittarius, but anyone can benefit from wearing this crystal; so if you feel drawn to it or the properties resonate with you then go for it!

LEO | BLACK SPINEL ~ July 23-August 22

Leo is a star sign ruled by the fire element, lighting things up wherever they go. Leos tend to be impulsive and ruled by their passions and Black Spinel being a stone of courage promotes that Leo vibe. It cheers you up and boosts your confidence as well as giving you that positive attitude towards life.

Black Spinel is often regarded as a protective gemstone that repels negativity while at the same time triggers empowerment and inspiration to its wearer. There is also a popular belief that this stone can heal the body as a whole.

Black Spinel also increases self-acceptance and assertiveness and gives more consistency in the way that you think and the way that you act.

Spinel is considered a stone of meditation and inner peace and as a protective stone for the soul helping you release issues from the past and any built up anger, fear or resentment triggered by situations in your life.

It can also help to reinvigorate you if you are feeling exhausted, and the vibration may boost your physical energy,  recovering more easily from fatigue.

Black Spinel crystals have a positive energy that reduces stress as well as fears and stimulates inspiring thought and innovation, encouraging creative thinking and positive direction in your life.

grounding  energising  inner peace  self acceptance

assertiveness  courage  

Chakra ~ Root 

Black Spinel is also particularly good for Taurus & Virgo, but anyone can benefit from wearing this crystal; so if you feel drawn to it or the properties resonate with you then go for it!

 VIRGO | SUNSTONE Aug 23 to Sept 22

Virgos tend to be perfectionists who have the determination and dedication to make things happen. They are known for being intelligent, orderly and analytical but can also be super critical ~ of themselves and of others.

Sometimes this striving for perfection can mean that the goals and dreams of the Virgo are a real struggle and this is when the sunshine energy of Sunstone can come in and support the Virgo who is feeling a little flat or deflated.

Wearing this gemstone is a real mood lifter, known to promote joy, vitality, relaxation and recuperation!

It’s so easy to always focus on what’s next but try to also use this stone to focus in on the amazing achievements you have already reached and give yourself a high five!!

Sunstone is known to be a stone of good luck and abundance as well as encouraging independence, creativity and originality. For those who hold back due to self doubt and feelings of unworthiness, Sunstone encourages optimism and self belief ~ wear Sunstone and step into your power.

energising  action  confidence

socialising  creativity

independance  abundance  self-healing 

Chakras ~ Solar Plexus & Sacral 

Sunstone is also particularly good for Aries, Leo & Libra, but anyone can benefit from wearing this crystal; so if you feel drawn to it or the properties resonate with you then go for it!

LIBRA | LABRADORITE ~ Sept 23 to Oct 22

Labradorite provides Libras with the stability and forward thinking they need to find justice in all situations. It helps them release anxiety, calm their minds, and interject some spontaneity into their lives. This Libra stone brings happiness and hope, and it awakens the intuition. It also provides protection and cleanses and strengthens their energy system. 

A stone of transformation, labradorite encourages strength and perseverance, two traits Libra is known for. It also promotes the grounding of spiritual energies and psychic abilities.

Labradorite brings excellent energy for self-discovery and mental pursuits. Labradorite is a mystical gemstone that stimulates the imagination, it boosts creativity and brings clarity of thought ~ It's time to get inspired!

Labradorite is effective in meditation and assists in strengthening your intuition and psychic abilities. It promotes will power, a deeper understanding of self, and stimulates mental processes.

will power  anxiety  intuition  creativity  clarity 

Chakras ~ Throat, Crown & Third Eye

Labradorite is also particularly good for Leo, Scorpio & Sagittarius, but anyone can benefit from wearing this crystal; so if you feel drawn to it or the properties resonate with you then go for it!

SCORPIO | SMOKEY QUARTZ ~  Oct 23 to Nov 21

Ruled by Pluto, the god of the underworld, and Mars, the God of war, Scorpios are known to be loyal, fearlessly curious, and extremely intuitive. They are are alluring, charismatic and passionate! They have a strong drive and ambition for greatness, which manifests in their ability to accomplish anything they set their minds to. 

Scorpios are a water element, which explains why they seamlessly flow between extreme emotions like joy and anger, Ie; a peaceful ocean one moment to stormy waters the next ;)

Scorpios can be sensitive and secretive people, tending to bottle up their emotions. Smokey quartz has a powerful grounding energy that will free Scorpios from emotional baggage and allow them to move forward with less weight on their shoulders.

Negativity such as fear, anger, resentment and anxiety can hang heavily on the Scorpio personality. Use Smokey Quartz, a high vibrational crystal to protect yourself and help you realise that all the challenges you have faced in your life can be turned into transformation and opportunity ~ how can you do things differently?

Smokey Quartz also enhances the Scorpios psychic abilities. 

 positive thoughts  stability  relieves anxiety & fear
 relieves physical pain 
Chakras ~ Root & Crown
Smokey Quartz is also good for Sagittarius and Capricorns, but anyone can benefit from wearing this crystal so if you feel drawn to it or the properties resonate with you then go for it!



Sagittarius personalities tend to be independent and strong-willed and are natural leaders who go after what they want, regardless of what other people think. Sagittarius is a born adventurer and free spirit; optimistic, fun and spontaneous, they love travel and exploration. as well as exploring the inner workings of their minds.

In line with this Sagittarius vibe, Blue Topaz is known as a gemstone of clarity, encouraging you to embrace your authentic self and trust in your power. Know that when being true to you, you become magnetic and good fortune comes your way!

Blue Topaz allows you to channel your inner wisdom and find perfect pathway to success fo you!

Sagittarius personalities are known for speaking the truth and Blue Topaz strongly resonates with the throat chakra, promoting honesty, openness and forgiveness it helps you to express yourself with clarity.

✧good fortune ✧release of tension ✧communication
✧inner truth ✧forgiveness ✧
Chakras ~ Throat & Third Eye
CAPRICORN | IOLITE ~ Dec 22 to Jan19

Capricorn energy is  strong minded, determined and ambitious.

They are often super goal orientated and tend to focus on manifesting their dreams  into reality, no matter the struggle or how long it takes.

Iolite, sometimes known as Water Sapphire is a vision stone, connecting you to your innate psychic abilities and clearing your mind to stimulate imagination and intuition. For a super earthy and grounded sign like Capricorn a touch of spiritual guidance and trust in intuition can help them feel a little lighter on the journey to success.

It instills hope during times of difficulty and promotes feelings of calm and tranquility. It also encourages you to step out of you comfort zone and get excited about exploring different paths, both spiritually and literally - something that Capricorns may find difficult to do on their one track mind to the end goal.

✧ Meditation ✧Inner Strength & Guidance ✧Motivation 
✧Intuition ✧Endurance ✧
Chakras ~ Third Eye & Throat

Iolite is also good for Pisces, Libra, Taurus, but anyone can benefit from wearing this crystal so if you feel drawn to it or the properties resonate with you then go for it!

AQUARIUS | AMETHYST ~ Jan 20 to Feb 18

Aquarius season enters at the beginning of the year, and because of this the energy of Aquarius inspires us to start anew and supports us in transforming our lives with positive direction. 

Aquarius sun signs are revolutionary, never following the crowd or afraid to try new things. They are unpredictable, rebellious, and original, always dreaming of the future and making plans.

Their forward thinking is usually well ahead of everyone else, which can lead them to feel like outsiders as they wait for others to catch up. Sometimes becoming drained and unbalanced as they give too much of themselves. They need to learn to balance their forward moving energy with self-care and down time.

The birthstone for Aquarius is Amethyst, which is said to lend a stabilising effect to the personality and temperament of Aquarius, a sign that can shy away from expressing emotions and can sometimes seem aloof and uncompromising.

Amethyst is a grounding crystal bring you calm and tranquility. If your mind is constantly racing and leading you to feel anxious or overwhelmed, amethyst can help to slow you down and open up to new ways of thinking; giving its wearer a clearer vision of the obstacles and path ahead. Use this stone to overcome addictive or obsessive behaviour and overwhelming emotions.

Amethyst is also said to be a stone of spiritual awakening, it can help guide your intuition and psychic abilities as well as promote vivid dreams and good sleep.

meditation calm communication addictions 
sleep intuition 
Chakras ~ Third Eye & Crown
Anyone can benefit from wearing this crystal so if you feel drawn to it or the properties resonate with you then go for it!


PISCES | AQUAMARINE ~ February 19 to March 20

Pisces is the final sign in the astrological calendar and because of this Pisces season is encourages us to look at the lessons we've learned throughout the last cycle and go forward with your inner wisdom and intuition.

As a sign, Pisces embodies all of the attributes of the sea, deep and mysterious; perhaps a little unpredictable. They are able to withstand great pressure and often have great imaginations, often linking them to art, music and dreams.

Aquamarine, literally named seawater, is the perfect gem to help ground Pisces in their own magic, Pisces people are super adaptable and know how to go with the flow of life.

Aquamarine supports the Pisces sense of inner strength, encouraging you to use your voice and not get too swept up in the needs of others. It’s also believed that it can give the wearer foresight, support psychic ability as well as enhance intelligence.

courage communication change emotional balance
meditation psychic ability 
Chakras ~ Heart & Throat

Aquamarine is also particularly good for Aries and Gemini, but anyone can benefit from wearing this crystal; so if you feel drawn to it or the properties resonate with you then go for it!